WHOA. Jackie Coogan. I’m seeing you in an entirely new light.


I remember 

William Holden

April 17, 1918


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My favorite movie starring William Holden is Born Yesterday (1950, George Cukor). Tremendous performances alongside Judy Holliday and Broderick Crawford. It’s a must!

Favorite Holden performance! 

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*sigh* Happy birthday, #LucyScreechingVoice WILLIAM HOLDEN!!!!!

*sigh* Happy birthday, #LucyScreechingVoice WILLIAM HOLDEN!!!!!

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Love it!

Awwwww.  I love it when babies do that flappy thing, and the captions are wonderul. :)

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Gilbert Roland, The Last Train From Madrid (1937)

Gilbert Roland should always be reblogged.

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"We shot again and again and again. I even stepped in and took Bacall in my arms to show him what I wanted. ‘I know exactly what you want,’ he said, and then he did it perfectly. He loved this girl and he was enjoying this. When I knew I had what I wanted I told them, ‘Thanks very much.’ And he said, ‘No no no no, I think you need another shot- how about this?’ Then, ‘You gotta have a kiss shot.’ And so he kissed her. Half of the shots were of the back of his head and I knew I’d never use them, but they were enjoying themselves. 

Martin Weiser on Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall shooting promotional photos for To Have and Have Not, just as their romance was igniting

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Cary Grant, photographed by Imogen Cunningham, 1932


Cary Grant, photographed by Imogen Cunningham, 1932

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